TrevorBishops Bethlehem, Lungaka Siboto and Archbishop Zandisile Magxwalisa of the Zionist Church, who is also the president of AMFOSA, together with over 100 Christian leaders from around the Metropole, attende the launch breakfast of the Nehemiah Movement and JUST1HR call to action.

Trevor Jennings of NMB: Transformation Christian Network initiative told them that if every one of the million citizens of Port Elizabeth will give “Just!Hr” of their time every month our city can transformed. He said that a number of meetings have been held already and business and local Government are keen to partner in the project. However, Trevor believes that it is vital that the church be seen as the key drivers of the project. He likened the project to Nehemiah calling the Jews to unite in building the walls of Jerusalem – so too the church needs to unite, to work within the 20 Ward Teams that are being set up. “The church is not only one part of society, it involves everyone and everything…….1,000,000 people giving one hour a month adds up to 114 years of work a month,” he said.

Everyone who attends a church in the city needs to ask their rector/pastor/leaders to encourage all their members to become involved. Please also sign the pledge by visiting .

Iindaba challenges every Anglican in the city to be positive, get involved and encourage others to join in too….some suggestions include: having work parties to clean up the area around your church; becoming involved in helping at the House of Russection Haven, helping set up food gardens or planting fruit trees in needy areas etc.

Original Article Published in Iindaba  Vol 24 No 9

Official Gazette of the Diocese of P.E, The Anglican Church of S.A