Nehemiah Prayer Route November 2019

Launch Prayer By: Bishop Eric Pike 

Lord God Our Father,

Your servant Nehemiah mourned, wept and prayed because

Jerusalem, the city of his fathers, was broken and his people suffering great hardships.

Lord God our Father,

We too come before you today both to mourn and to weep, but most of all to pray because our city, the city that bears the revered name of Nelson Mandela, is broken, divided and many of its people suffer great hardships.

Lord God Our Father,

We pray that you will hear our prayers as we walk today.

That we will begin to recognise for ourselves that this is not only our city but your city;

That we will see, and experience ourselves something of the needs and great pain of many of our people.

That we will recognise the poverty that holds so many of our people in its grip.

That we will begin to enter into the desperation and broken dreams of the many who stand at street corners day by day seeking vainly for employment.

That we will absorb something of the rich diversity of our various communities yet also see the divisions that separate us.

That we will become more aware of the long distance many of our people have to walk and travel by taxi, busses and trains to get to work.

Lord God our Father

We know that the pain, the divisions, the brokenness and the struggles of our people grieves and breaks your heart and so we pray Lord God our Father that you will honour, not only the prayers of we who walk the Nehemiah Prayer Route today, but also the prayers of those who will follow us, to bring economic growth and development to rebuild, to reconnect, to heal and to restore the beauty, the unity, and the dignity of all the people and communities of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole.

Pour your Spirit upon us this day that we may walk as children of the light and by your grace reveal your Presence.

 All this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord