Coordinated strategy against hunger

In a combined effort against hunger and looming famine caused by the Corona virus the NMB Church Leader Network developed a strategy for churches to address the need through a joint, coordinated effort. The Church desires to be of optimal service to the whole community.

Called Manual for Coordinated Action Against Hunger, it outlines the strategy. It gives the big picture and breaks the strategy down in its various categories. As introduction and overview it:

  • Describes the strategy on the short, medium and long term
  • Describes how an Anchor Church and its sister churches creates a network to roll out feeding programs to the vulnerable in every municipal ward in Nelson Mandela Bay
  • Describes ways of securing food supplies for these networks
  • Motives the choice of Food Forward SA as partner for the strategy
  • Describes the importance of registering as a Non profit organisation and how to do it, and
  • Shares other valuable resources.

In addition it covers the following topics

  • How compliance with Covid-19 regulations work
  • The layout of the operational infrastructure for food distribution
  • Staff training, and
  • A valuable flow chart outlining of the logistical process.

Please download the manual, read it and consider to join the network. You may send an email to to register as a participant. You will be connected to your closest partners.

For a list of Anchor Churches and churches in the metro please see out download section below.


The training of the local church teams to partake in the Against Hunger-project is extremely important. Training is frequently being done at Ebenezer Church in Algoa Park. You can also access the training on Youtube in three lectures:

During the training we refer to written manuals. See the download section below for the manuals.

Contact your local SPAR Supermarket

SPAR is an important partner for churches who provide food.

We would like to encourage our Pastors to connect with the Spar Store Managers in their wards. For your convenience find in the download section below a list of all the Spar Stores in NM Bay.

Please introduce yourself and initiate discussions with your Spar Store Managers to make food available to our churches at cost.

We are learning and will be updating

Please note that we learn as we implement and therefore adapt our strategy. Where necessary the manuals will be updated. Please visit this site regularly.


Place your cursor on the links below, right click and choose “Save link as” to store these documents on your device. Please visit this site frequently as our lists are continuously updated.


  1. Contact details of Ward Councillors in NMB


We have updated our manual in August 2020 to version 2 as it contains a broader and more exciting strategy to obtain food for distribution. We also expanded it to include Covid-19 safety, which was previously only available as a separate manual. The revised and updated manual is currently only available in English:

Download Manual for Coordinated Action Against Hunger (version 8 September 2020, English)