Prayer for forgiveness of wrongs of the past

Former Anglican bishop of Port Elizabeth Eric Pike has been moved by the George Floyd incident in the United States to write this very powerful prayer.

He writes:

“I know that we have many extremely pressing COVID-19 related issues in our own country and abroad which demand our prayers right now.

“However, in addition to all the Corona Virus pandemic issues which press heavily on all of our hearts, I have to say that the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in the United States has disturbed me greatly.

“I felt led by The Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday to seek God’s forgiveness for my part, as a product of Western Civilization, in George Floyd’s death and to share this prayer, which I believe God gave me.

“These are troubled times and we so much need our gracious God to guide us.

“With every blessing in Christ Jesus

“Yours in Him”.

Eric Pike

George Floyd Prayer