My dear Trevor,

‘May mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.’ (Jude 1;2)

I’m sitting in my study at home with the ceiling fan going and the outside temperature up round about the 35 degree mark and I can’t stop thinking about the people of Kleinskool, Missionvale, Booysens’ Park, Hellenvale, Langa, etc, etc…..without a tree in sight or, for many of them no running water and just the tiniest of shack in which to find shade or shelter from the blazing sun and I realise that I can never be the same person again after the Nehemiah Prayer Walk. God has changed and grown me and while I need time to reflect on and to process for myself my own personal experiences on the Prayer Walk I recognise that Joyce and I were afforded a very great privilege of being able to launch the Nehemiah Prayer Walk. Sadly for Joyce, she was not able to complete the Walk, but she was there with us all the way bearing her own pain of disappointment that her Prayer Walk, for which she had trained so hard, was cut short.

I’m writing therefore on Joyce’s and my own behalf for affording Joyce and me the incredible privilege of benefitting from yours and Margie’s incredible and meticulous planning by enabling us to be part of the launch. Not only did you both prepare and plan meticulously but you shepherded and ‘shadowed’ us all the way along those 200kms. I think that Joyce and I together with the other walkers had the easy part. We had to simply show up then walk and pray while you both did all the worrying and organising of everything from water sachets to police protection and Medical back-up! Also a very special thanks for so speedily attending to Joyce when she crashed and for rushing her off to casualty. Thank you too Margie for so kindly staying with Joyce until I arrived.

While I know that I have been changed by God I can’t say that I know what God is now requiring of me, I will have to wait upon Him and see/hear. I’m also uncertain as to what TCN does with what we have seen, experienced and heard but I have no doubt that God will inspire those who are gifted in the area of practical and strategic planning to take the Nehemiah prayer Route to the next level. One thing is certain, we cannot let all that we all did together under God in November to simply be lost or left without ‘follow-up.’

Joyce came home to our Cottage on Thursday and I’m now having to turn my attention to ‘care-giver’ and ‘house-keeper.’ I do indeed thank God that Joyce is making steady progress, she’s without pain though very limited in what she can do. I do know however that God is perfecting the excellent work done by Dr Colin Audley, the Orthopaedic Surgeon, and that in due time she’ll be well again and back to her tap-dancing and to walking for pleasure and exercise!

With sincere thanks and every blessing in Christ Jesus

Yours in Him