1. Question: What are whites saying and believing?

  • Blacks (ANC) destroying the country – R.W. Johnson – 14 sectors
  • Incompetent civil service and service delivery i.e. Prof Barney Pityana – Education and health?
  • Corruption and state capture.
  • Public sector > private sector. Mbeki black middle class. 62%>82%.
  • No liberation movement has successfully converted to a constitutional democracy.
  • You have the vote. Let’s move on and put the past behind us.

2. Question: What are blacks saying and believing? (Billionaires, millionaires, middle class 62% and poor 50%).

  • Whites in denial of the past < 1994
  • They know us but we don’t know them – Bishop Bethlehem
  • 95% of whites have never been into a township.
  • Whites racist and they don’t even know it. (Mvusi – just be pals? What about injustices of the past. Carmel – no handout, just walk next to us and help us get out of spiral of inequality, unemployment and poverty). [Russell (4 houses in Sidwell) – whites think they are not racist but everything they do and say is racist].
  • Whites don’t embrace new SA and just want to carry on in their colonialist mindsets ie schools and churches.
  • Whites stole the land. Oliver Tambo – gross injustice and greatest historical crime.
  • CT Justice Conference 80% young people. TMJ = Land elective “#feesmustfall” only answer.
  • Healing process – identify nerve end – Boer War between English and Afrikaans – concentration camps. Nerve end for black folks 1913 Land Act. Compare concentration camps to today’s shacks and squatter townships? (1936 & 1950)
  • Tired of listening to whites’ stories. Gareth Stead whites and coloureds meetings. Moses Sigasa – SACLI meeting in JHB May 2017.
  • TRC was a sell-out. Political Codessa but no economic Codessa? 40% unemployment 70% youth. The Coming Revolution – Julius Malema.

What is the problem?

  • We have an impasse? Situation bad: Justice Malala: “We are sinking, every day now, into a racial morass. We are shouting. Not talking. We are insulting each other – not seeking solutions”.
  • Who is going to move – blacks or whites? Church, Business, Government or Education. Government are moving with legislation? No leadership? Where is our next Mandela? Who are we listening to: Zuma, Malema, Steve Hofmeyer, Max du Preez or F.W. de Klerk?
  • Barometer of bitterness rising. Young blacks being encouraged not to allow their bitterness to turn into hatred. Their parents and grandparents were victims of a system of greed and prejudice. They must not be imprisoned by a culture of hatred and revenge.
  • I think we are all focusing on the wrong problem! We are all blaming racism.
  • Yet everybody from the ANC to the DA to the EFF to the Communist Party to Cosatu to Business to the Church seem to agree that the PROBLEMS are inequality, unemployment and poverty. We should stop focusing on RACISM and focus on the real problems. We are wasting our energy and using race as an excuse for not making progress where it counts.

Two responses / recommendations:

  • We are trying to solve the wrong problem, let’s change our focus from tomorrow to addressing inequality, unemployment and poverty.
  • Who should move first? Let us whites move first. (Marcus Trengove: As a point of departure, let’s talk about Markus Trengove’s comment on page 167 in Haffajee’s book. Markus Trengove was one of the white students arrested at the UCT #FEESMUSTFALL# campaign in 2015. On Social Media he said the following: “I benefitted from the injustices of apartheid. Although I did not choose it, my race, my gender and language have allowed me to inherit certain privileges. The right response is no longer to bury my head in shame. The right response is not to try to guard these privileges. The right reaction is to admit that there is an enormous injustice, but that my privilege has put me in a good position to remedy it. That is my privilege. That is my duty.)

TMJ/MHN 05/06/2017