God loves us and He loves our city.  God had a purpose for humanity, which is to bring freedom, blessing, prosperity and wholeness to his creation, this is who God is. Unfortunately we don’t often cooperate with God and so we don’t see the bounty and abundance that God wants for us.

God had a plan and a redemptive purpose for our city when He established it. We believe that God’s plan is to use our city as a “Gateway” to our country and continent.  For example: God used Port Elizabeth to launch Livingstone on his missionary journeys to fight the slave trade and open up Africa to the world; the first mining company was established here; two of the four big South African banks were established in this area; the first diamond auction was here; the first gold to be shipped from South Africa left through our port; the first cricket and rugby tests were played here; we are the only city in the world with two commercial ports and we had the first integrated city council in South Africa

In Genesis 28:17, Jacob calls Bethel the “Gateway to Heaven”. The first settlement in our city was Bethelsdorp.  It was established as a mission station to help the Khoi people who had mostly been slaves.

Why has our city not prospered?  It’s because we have acted with selfishness and greed, which has produced division in our city. Disunity is the root iniquity in our city, there is constant fighting and disunity within our city and so we are closing up the gate of Heaven by this fighting and discord.

We, the people of our city, must repent from strife, division, disunity, and greed. Then we will see God’s purpose come to pass.  We will then become the outstanding city in our nation and continent because God’s favour is on us.

Dr Jimmy Crompton