Anita & Trevor Jennings

Church Unity and the roll out of the JUST1HR Movement have been the highlights of the 2012 – 2013 year.

The Church Leadership Group is developing into an effective team. They are actively involved with leaders in churches, government, education and business. Leaders have opened communication channels with the Mayor and his team; provided empowerment & equipping opportunities for local pastors; worked with others in a wider city education task team and started playing a key role in the “Civil Society Coalition” with the Business Chamber, Ratepayers Association, Cosatu, Sangoco and the NMMU. The leaders are utilizing the services of professionals such as Advocate Richard Crompton and Dr Deon Pretorius in order to provide expert advice for their interaction with other role players in our city. The final part of our training plan for an effective roll out of the JUST1HR Movement will take place at a breakfast workshop on “City Changers” on Monday, 9 September 2013.

The Media Liaison Committee meets regularly and is making huge strides in developing strategies to fill the church’s role as being the prophetic voice in NM Bay.

The JUST1HR Movement was successfully officially launched at St George’s President Suite on Thursday, 8 August 2013. For more detail refer to, and the Nehemiah Worksheet.

The TCN Coordinators continue to give of themselves far beyond the call of duty and the city is benefiting greatly from their individual and collective competences and passion for the Kingdom. We have recently been joined by Val Stockwell(NGO’s), Vidah Mayana(Women’s Ministries and Environment) and Laverne Gadiah(Youth). The long term objective is to have a participating coordinator for each of the city domains. We are dedicating Wednesday mornings to focus on the rolling out of our social media platforms. “TCN News” focuses on promoting activities in the city, while JUST1HR focuses on recruiting volunteers to rebuild the walls of our city. An informal team, made up of professionals in media and communications, production and branding strategies, meet with us quarterly us to swop ideas, support us and advise us on developments in the technology industry.

“Gateway News” is making great strides in both the standard of its journalism and its number of subscribers. Currently subscribers number over 20 000. Andre Viljoen has succeeded in “recruiting” prominent Christian leaders such as Angus Buchanan and Errol Naidoo to write for Gateway News. New approaches to advertising and financing the daily portal are proving to be more profitable.