As the Nelson Mandela Bay community enthusiastically embraces JUST1HR and the Nehemiah Movement, the church in the Bay is strongly motivated by the verse in Nehemiah 4: 17: “Those who built on the wall, and those who carried burdens, loaded themselves so that with one hand they worked at construction and with the other held a weapon.”
The Prayer Movement in the Metro is buzzing with excitement. For many years the prayer for the interdenominational Church in the NMB has been that it would practice a unity-of-purpose. God has answered that prayer by giving a strategy to our Church leadership – representing many Denominations and Church groupings – that epitomizes just this unity-of-purpose: the Nehemiah Movement, with its call to action, namely JUST1HR
Not only is the Prayer Movement blessed by such a glorious answer to its faithful intercession, it is – with great joy – embarking on its own role in this wonderful strategy.
Prayer groups are being established in the sixty Municipal Wards in the Bay. Each group will eventually have members representing, researching and prayerfully covering every domain, or sector of society, present in that Ward.

Returning to our verse in Nehemiah. The Prayer Warriors are not only being encouraged to be ‘watchmen on the walls of the city’ but also to be ‘city changers’.
At the moment there is much prayer activity in the Bay. A crisis prayer chain links with a number of congregational prayer chains and is used to muster prayer for important and urgent city issues.

The Quarterly Gatherings of the NMB Prayer Warriors have proved to be times of precious worship and great joy, as God is glorified and testimonies of what He is accomplishing in the city are shared. These times of refreshing will be used to motivate the Ward Prayer Teams in future.

Christian Media has been an encouragement to the Prayer Movement, as they too are participating in the JUST1HR Movement and in so doing, radio stations and a television studio have given their JUST1HR for interviews and the prayer pointers to be aired.PE Churchnet and Gateway News continue to be very supportive and encouraging.

As prayer covers all the domains/sectors in the Bay, the prayer movement enjoys many wonderful testimonies of answered prayer from the various sectors. The Prayer Teams are building positive relationships with the twenty-five SAPS Stations or Units, which they visit weekly. Some of the really compelling testimonies have come from the Education Sector. For instance, a school building which had been almost destroyed by looters over a number of years, after prayer received sponsorship and was completely rebuilt. Another school saw 456 learners coming to Christ during a prayer walk at that school. The Prayer Warriors are very aware that ‘without Him, we can do nothing’ but that ‘we can do all things through Him who strengthens us!’ We give glory to the Lord for all that He has done and all that He will do!

Joan Keeling
Prayer Coordinator