TCN & JUST1HR Feedback December 2016

Once again we have come to the end of a very busy and meaningful year.

  1. JUST1HR Leadership Forum, under the effective leadership of Sue Hagemann, continues to meet once a month at the WMC, and continues to focus on building effective leaders for His Kingdom and NM Bay.
  2. The NM Bay Church Leadership group spent the year reviewing its progress of linking leaders. After examining the Church’s progress in South Africa after 22 years, it was decided to re-examine where we were in terms of our authentic unity. A special task team was appointed to re-examine how the group could connect more effectively with the less privileged church leaders and churches in the outlying areas of our city. It was decided to streamline the objectives of the Church Leadership Group, SACC and NMBCCC into one set of attainable goals and also rotate the monthly Bishop’s breakfast venue to make it possible to connect with as many pastors as possible.
  3. One of the disappointments of the year was the lack of tangible progress made with the Department of Education. In spite of the hard work of community leaders like Richard Draai and Monga Peter, little will change in education until we see a change of government.
  4. During the month of March 2016, as part of the healing and reconciliation initiative, we embarked on a “Whites talking to Whites” about racism programme. A focus group facilitated by Prof Mark Anstey and Gary Koekemoer met monthly at the South End Museum in Humewood to commence a conversation on racism, privilege and prejudice. The objective was to provide interested parties with an opportunity to listen to others before commencing on a citywide initiative of healing and reconciliation.
  5. The visit of the Logos Hope mission to NM Bay resulted in boosting our mission and prayer networks to new levels. The NM Bay Intercessors prayer network, under the guidance of Joan Keeling, is stronger than ever. The men’s ministry promoted by Andrew Auld and Lance Walton and their committee, spurred on by the KMMC and the Mannekamp held on Dawson’s Dairy Farm, has witnessed many more men becoming actively involved in Kingdom activities.
  6. Project Sparkle continues to encourage citizens to assist state hospital and health clinic staff to maintain an acceptable standard of cleanliness and services. It has been decided to link specific ward clinics to specific churches i.e. WMC working with 14th Avenue Municipal Clinic.
  7. After years of hard work our initiative of restoring values through Unashamedly Ethically under Mike Smith and Ian Vermooten and Character Transformation under Louis van der Vyver have gained momentum. The change in local government has opened the way for a more conducive relationship between church and state.
  8. Mike Smith has also noted a gradual awareness of Worklife Ministry in the churches of NMB as a serious attempt is made to equip congregants in the Workplace to be the people of God, they were called to be.
  9. One of the highlights of the year was no doubt the Mayor’s breakfast with church leaders in NM Bay. No less than 200 church leaders, prayer Intercessors, Municipal Ward representatives and sponsors met with the mayor for breakfast at the Malabar Community Centre on 24 November 2016. The Mayor committed himself and his executive team to an Unashamedly Ethical approach of governing the city.
  10. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the healing and reconciliation service held at the South End Museum in Humewood on the Day of Reconciliation, Friday 16 December 2016. On that day representatives of the Christian Church in Nelson Mandela Bay met with members of the South End community, who were uprooted and moved by the apartheid regime. The Church asked for forgiveness for what was done and not done during the unfolding of these atrocious acts.
  11. TCN continues to function as an informal network made up of volunteers from various city ministries seeking to motivate each other and build His Kingdom in NM Bay. Their key function is to link all Christian leaders and support the NM Bay Church.

Trevor Jennings

28 February 2017