TCN & JUST1HR Feedback:  December 2015

Once again we have come to the end of a very meaningful and fruitful year.

  1. JUST1HR Leadership Forum, held at WMC, on the last Wednesday evening of each month, is growing steadily. We have held 19 meetings since its inception in March 2014. We aim to market to select market segments next year with the aim of ensuring that our monthly support climbs to well over 100 leaders.
  2. JUST1HR is an integral part of the Project Sparkle initiative which is focusing on the three public hospitals and 52 clinics in the metro. Next big project with EMS – ambulance service. Watch this space for support from Mango airlines, Carte Blanche and Expresso TV in January 2016.
  3. NM Bay Church Leadership Group (34 senior clergy and 14 marketplace leaders) has signed a Unity Pledge to work together on Education, Health, Employment, Crime & Corruption and Unashamedly Ethical governance. The group has spent the last 15 months listening to professionals/specialists who they invited to advise them on how churches could play a meaningful role in the above without interfering in the day to day running of these organizations. A new level of unity has been reached between the senior leaders and some feel that this is unique. The group has requested that we publish this in the media in January 2016.
  4. The Civil Society Coalition has made great strides and is currently finalizing a MOU with the NMBM which will determine a working relationship between the parties.
  5. The Socio-Economic Profiles which were compiled by Prof Deon Pretorius have been handed over to the NMBM Integrated Development Planning (IDP) department. They are delighted with the information and believe that it will change their whole approach to planning. The Herald is excited as they have never had access to such detailed information about the 60 wards in the metro. They have decided to publish a special feature on this available information in 2016.
  6. The Church has been approached by Educational Forums to provide critical leadership in the anticipated educational crises. The churches have been requested to lead an initiative to address the perceived non functionality of the PE District Office of the Dept. of Education, requested to launch a citywide education movement and finally to embark on a project with the PE District Office using a similar approach to the Civil Society Coalition.
  7. TCN have played a supporting role in two very successful missions in the city. These missions have turned up the gas on evangelism outreach. What was even more fruitful was the building of new networks in the city. Networks not so much between pastors but other ministries being run by more junior church staff and marketplace ministries. The Citywide Prayer Network and Men’s Ministries were substantially boosted during the missions. The most exciting development for us was the opportunity to meet and connect with “Black” Church Leaders especially from New Brighton. We have struggled to date to link meaningfully with the Church Leaders in this part of the city. Plans are in place to cement these new networks early in the new year and to interact with leaders who are “workers by day and Bishops by night”.
  8. The Workplace Ministry initiative took a major step forward by staging their first Transformational Leadership Course in NM Bay.

We believe that after years and years of consulting and preparation we are ready to implement unified strategies that we have worked towards for the last ten years. We want to witness the Church playing a leading role in the positive transformation of the country. We want to make a meaningful contribution to key challenges facing our country. We want to be leaders in the upholding of social and economic justice in our time.

Thank you once again for your ongoing prayer, financial and moral support. Have a blessed Christmas and a meaningful and exciting 2016.

With gratitude

Trevor Jennings