1. What if there were NO WHITES in SA? Ferial Haffajee. *
  2. Run Racist Run: Journeys into the heart of racism. Eusebius McKaiser.
  3. How Long Will SA Survive? The Looming Crises. R.W. Johnson.
  4. God, Spies and Lies. Finding SA’s future through its past. John Matisonn.
  5. A History of Inequality in SA 1652 – 2002. Sampie Terreblanche. *
  6. Jan Smuts: Unafraid of Greatness. Richard Steyn.
  7. Enough! What is the Plan? Dr Arno van Niekerk.
  8. A Manifesto for Social Change. How to save South Africa. Moeletsi and Nobantu Mbeki. *
  9. Promise and Despair: The first struggle for a non-racial SA. Martin Plaut.
  10. We have now begun our descent. How to STOP SA losing its way. Justice Malala
  11. Native Life in SA. Sol T Plaatjie. *
  12. The Coming Revolution. Julius Malema.
  13. South End (As we knew it). Yusuf Agherdien, Ambrose C George, Shaheed Hendricks.
  14. Long Walk to Freedom: Nelson Mandela. *
  15. The Fortunes of Africa: A 5000 year History of Wealth, Greed and Endeavour. Martin Meredith.
  16. Another Country: Everyday social restitution. Sharlene Swartz

TMJ/MHN 30/05/2017