Politicians are fighting each other, which leaves much to be desired, we the electorate have voted for our leaders – it’s time to take back our City – the church must arise in this hour.

In our struggle against the atrocities of an Apartheid system the Church played a vital role in bringing the system to its knees. The apartheid government did not invite the opposing forces or civil rights movements to an interim government, it was the pressure exerted by the people (from the bottom up) which lifted the lid of apartheid. The Church’s biggest mistake was to hand over governance without discipling the nation through its transitional phases.

Is the objective of the Municipality’s long-term vision, ‘To be a globally competitive and preferred Metropole that works together with the people’ – being pursued?

What about the need to deliver on the following: (IDP 2010 -2016)

  • High poverty and unemployment – 26, 29% (Census, 2011).
  • Inadequate access to basic services
  • Infrastructure, maintenance and service backlogs
  • Crime
  • Illegal dumping
  • Lack of integrated planning between the three spheres of government
  • Unfunded mandates
  • Housing shortages and rectification of ‘wet-and-defective’ houses
  • Lack of integrated and sustainable human settlements

There are 30 202 informal dwellings,6890 backyard shacks and 8862 informal backyard dwellings, 81 informal settlements and 22 754 families awaiting relocation. (IDP 2010-2016)

How much of the above has been addressed?

These are real challenges and while the Municipality administration are at logger heads about part of a transport system, people are unemployed and without houses and what are the officials doing? Instead we are witnessing infighting leading to the demise and deterioration of a city named after one the greatest icons on the planet.

As a community leader, and part of the broader body of Christ, I find the non-delivery of basic services very disturbing and deem it an indication of no compassion for the needs of the people.

In our metro, we’ve seen how mayors were being changed, without their terms being complete. Is the resignation of the Municipal City Manager, heading for a major golden handshake? This matter must and will be pursued by the citizens of the Metro – righteousness must prevail!

We, should be voting for the Regional Executive of the ANC. How do you deploy people into positions and as soon as they do not meet the desires of the Regional Executive they are removed without serving their full term.

As citizens we witness the courts being ruled and injustice continues. We are now facing the squashing of the Lumens Deal settlements outside of court – it is time to have the Public Protector investigate these matters.

The money being used for these matters is not in the budget. The corruption in our country is removing the quality of life of the poor. It is a shame to see the condition of our people whilst our political figures have become jet setters. It is time to take back our city.

Let us determine our future mayor, a mayor who will be the mayor of the City and not the mayor of the ANC! Let us continue to be fully represented in each ward and determine who our future councilors are.

We as the Church have and will always speak out against discrimination, injustice and lack of integrity- Let the Church arise!

Pastor Neville Goldman.