TrevorThe highlights of the year have been linking Christian leaders around specific needs and causes and the ongoing roll out of the Nehemiah vision and JUST1HR movement.

The senior Church leaders continue to meet and consult every second Thursday of the month. The group have identified the key challenges facing the NM Bay as education, health, corruption (service delivery), community (employment & poverty) and family. The process was taken one step further this year by specific leaders, in line with their passion, calling and gifting, to head up and “deal” with these specific challenges. They have been encouraged to ensure that the voice of the Church is heard in our city. These Church leaders will in turn be supported in these task teams by competent and experienced professional practitioners from the private sector i.e. auditors, academics and advocates.

The Nehemiah vision is gaining momentum as more civic organizations, who share the same values and agendas, have expressed an interest in working together. These organizations include the SA NGO Coalition (SANGOC), the EC & NM Bay School Governing Body Associations and more recently Peace and Development Initiative which could give substantial impetus to the Nehemiah project.

Our biggest challenge this year was moving our operation under the umbrella of the Lev Foundation. Working with the Foundation enabled us to unbundle our NGO and utilize their accounting, technology and office systems. We are benefitting from the move as their support makes it possible to focus more on promoting the Nehemiah and JUST1HR projects. We have spent a number of months in preparation, researching and experimenting with different options. We are believing for a great breakthrough in 2015 and early indications are that we should focus our energies on education and health challenges.

TCN and JUST1HR are strongly supported by an informal network of numerous other missions, ministries and NGO’s. Our vast prayer network has been intentionally built up over the last decade to cover all spheres of churches, business, education and government. Everything we do is grounded in prayer and we hope to have prayer networks covering every municipal ward in the next 12 months. The network makes regular use of all media to reach a very broad listenership. Gateway News continues to grow its readership base. This year, it has taken a giant step forward in securing well known writers like Michael Cassidy and Angus Buchan to contribute regularly to the national Christian debate. We continue sowing seeds with our work life outreach ministry and laying the groundwork for what will be a major breakthrough for an unashamedly ethical initiative in our city. Encouragement and applicable devotional material is sent out regularly to all participants throughout the city.

A dedicated team of voluntary coordinators driven by a common Kingdom vision for NM Bay and constantly encouraged by what we see happening around us. We have learnt that things will happen in His time and we remain motivated by our answered prayers. Comments by persons from outside NM Bay add to our encouragement. In Cape Town, Moss Ntlha, the Secretary General of the South African Council of Churches, mentioned recently that he thought PE had the best church unity model in the country and we were far ahead of any other city. He has also expressed a wish to learn more about it in the new year. Our response to Moss is, thank you for the encouragement, but you ain’t seen anything yet!

Wishing you a meaningful 2015.

Trevor Jennings on behalf of TCN Coordinators Team.