One of the focus areas in the SACC document “The SA we Pray for” is the ‘Restoration of the Family’. Last year we approached Pastor “J” (Lingelihle Jadezweni) of the RUCC to coordinate this focus area and come up with some ideas that would mobilize the men to play a leading role in taking NM Bay for Jesus.

The idea would NOT be to form an umbrella network but provide a vehicle which we could utilize to encourage all the men’s ministries to start working together. In addition to using “Men of Hope” to establish NEW men’s ministries throughout the metro. Imagine if every municipal ward had one “Men of Hope” ministry. Who said something about changing a city in a day?

Last week Pastor J, who has a passion for ministering to men, fathers and husbands, organized a very impressive “Men of Hope” Conference & street march at Nangoza Jebe Hall in New Brighton. We have suggested that we build on his success and consider utilizing the “Men of Hope” label to assist us to rocket boost the networking of all the men’s ministries in NM Bay.

We Would like to propose that we utilize the approach we used a number of years ago when we invited the men of the city to get together on a quarterly basis for ‘just one hour’ of praise and worship. We rotated the venue to promote maximum participation.

We see this as a wonderful opportunity to mobilize the men of our city to play a major role in the healing and reconciliation of our city and, maybe, country.

The proposal is that we would organize a 59 minutes multicultural and multilingual service. We request that the host church provide the music group and organize the choice of worship songs in conjunction with Ricky Venter, Anton Hutton and Thobile Sonjica. The programme for the evening would be made up of corporate prayer, worship and a 9-minute input from one of our pastors.

Neville Goldman has made Ebenezer Church in Algoa Park available for our first event on Thursday,

2 August 2018 from 18:00 to 18:59. Maybe a good idea is that we organize the next get together on the University Campus.

Trevor Jennings

30 May 2018