On Tuesday, the 400 elected representatives of parliament will be called upon to deliberate and decide on whether or not to impeach the president.

We call upon the members of parliament to do the work they were elected to do. To decide what is in the best interest of 52 million South Africans; not what is in the best interest of a single person or a select few.

On Wednesday 27 April 2016, our young democracy will celebrate 22 years of existence. We celebrate because of how far we have come; we celebrate because we defeated apartheid; we celebrate because we are a beautiful nation, rich in complexity and talent, strong in our faith that we are good people – that we are capable of great things.

Our democracy faces a new challenge. It is being governed in the interest of the few. The public protector has done her job; the constitutional court has done its job. The EFF raised the matter with ConCourt; the DA has requested the impeachment hearing – they are doing their jobs.

Members of parliament, it is time to do yours. It is time to act in the interest of that person still living in a shack trapped by poverty; that child who is not receiving the education needed to unlock her potential; that worker who never sees his family; that small business owner who needs fair and equitable access to markets; and that grandparent who gave so much for this country to ensure a better future.

We pray for you. Our prayer is that you act on the basis of your mandate, not on the basis of what is strategic for your party or selves. We need leadership we trust and respect. Leadership that embodies the values laid out in our constitution. We need leadership that acts in the interest of ALL South Africans. To err is human, but Tuesday is not to focus on the failings of one person – it is about whether we have the right person, in the right place at the right time. The challenges we should be focused on are poverty, inequality and unemployment. Is our president the right person; the best person to lead us in that challenge? Or are the issues surrounding his leadership distracting government from its task?

On Tuesday you will be called to make a tough decision. We pray that God guides you to vote with wisdom and according to your conscience.

Issued by TCN (Transformation Christian Network) on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Church Leadership Group

Note to the press: NMB Church Leadership Group represents the majority of Christian churches in the Bay and includes membership of the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, AFM, NGK, Ebenezer Centre, Fathers House and Harvest churches amongst other

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