Bringing our Metropole together by allowing us to find each other through hearing each others’ stories.

In line with the SACC document “The SA we pray 4” published on 21 December 2015, our church leadership group task team set about working on a response to the document. We decided to form a partnership with Heartlines and participate in their current “What’s your Story?” Project.

What is this story project all about? We live in a world where suspicion, fear, prejudice and racism plague us daily. The growing sentiment seems to be anti-black, anti-white, anti-rich, anti-poor, anti-foreigner… in fact anti-everyone who is not like us or threatens our comfort. But what if suspicion, fear and prejudice were replaced by understanding, respect, love and trust? What would help us to see beyond our perceptions?

Stories have the power to overcome perceptions. They are what make us human. Stories help us understand. They bring healing and reconciliation. “What’s your Story?” is a Heartlines initiative to build understanding, trust and reconciliation through the sharing of our stories. We believe storytelling takes place through a simple process: Ask. Listen. Tell.

Our NM Bay initiative is made up of five parts.

  1. Healing and Reconciliation Service at the South End Museum on Friday, 16 December 2016 at 09:00. Leader: Danie Mouton (NGK).
  2. Church Leadership Group (40) “What’s your Story” workshop at Carmel (George) from Monday, 30 January to Wednesday, 1 February 2017. Leader: Pamela Kgare of Heartlines.
  3. Preview of movie “Beyond the River” to be screened before the official 28 April 2017 Ster Kinekor launch. Preview for 600 guests at the Boardwalk Convention Centre on Thursday, 9 February 2017 at 19:00. Coordinator: TCN
  4. Training Workshops for church cell group leaders plus business, education and government champions in March and April 2017. Coordinator: Brian Helsby of Heartlines.
  5. “One City, One Church, One God” campaign during four Sundays in May 2017. All churches will be invited to participate in a series of sermons based on tackling issues of suspicion, fear, prejudice and racism. Sermon outlines will be supplied by Heartlines. We encourage pastors of different races to exchange pulpits during the month of May. Recruitment Team: Mvusi Gwam, Pierre van Wyk, Alain Walljee and Glenn Weiss.

Please consider including this in your 2017 church programme. Should you already have finalized your preaching plans please consider making an exception so that we can prioritize challenging the curse of racism on our nation.

Yours in Christ

Russell Viljoen, Mvusi Gwam and Trevor Jennings.

(Healing and Reconciliation Task Team).

On behalf of NM Bay Church Leadership Group.