In August 2012, Bishop Lunga ka Siboto chose Nehemiah 2:17 for the theme of his address at a city meeting in the Feathermarket Hall. A month later, a vision of how to implement the Nehemiah vision in NM Bay was shared at the Bishops’ prayer meeting. This vision was confirmed by the Church Leaders at the next Bishop’s monthly prayer meeting in November 2012 with a scripture from Habakkuk 2: 2-3. The vision is in four parts.

  1. In the vision, we see a big circle forming a foundation surrounding NM Bay. Rather than being made up of the normal cement and stone mix, this foundation is made of a liquid substance with particles floating in it. When it hardens, this substance becomes far stronger than ordinary building materials. If we were to look closer, we would see that this substance is “Church Unity”. In the same way that the strengths of the foundations is the key to stability and strength of
    a building, so too will the strength of the unity of our churches be the key to the rebuilding our city. (Psalm 133; Nehemiah 4: 19-20).
  2. On this solid foundation a first layer of 60 large bricks is laid, “end to end” forming a circle, with each brick as a section. These sections represent the 60 municipal wards of NM Bay. Just as Nehemiah divided the wall of Jerusalem into
    sections and allocated each section to a specific group of people, we need to motivate and mobilize the people in each
    ward to accept responsibility for the rebuilding of their section of our metro. (Nehemiah 3)


  1. The next eight layers of bricks are the eight domains: church, business, education, government, family, media & communication, arts & entertainment and sport. Just as the foundations support the brickwork above, so we call upon the people in each ward to work together in the domains to rebuild their section of the wall. Our strength will be the cement to hold these bricks together.
  2. The walled city is covered by a canopy of prayer. To build this canopy over the metro we need to find a prayer coordinator for each ward. These coordinators will establish prayer groups to saturate their wards in united prayer and encourage the establishment of further groups covering all domains in their wards.(Nehemiah 4:17).