1. Nehemiah volunteer links up with the NMB ward representative of religious leader’s desk (RLD). Invite representative to participate in monthly church leader breakfasts and ensure that they are familiar with NMB Nehemiah vision/ package.
  2. Arrange to accompany RLD representative to meet your ward councillor and share the Nehemiah vision. Focus on focus areas and establishing of prayer networks.
  3. Arrange to attend one of the ward committee meetings to familiarise yourself with day to day community challenges.
  4. After consultation, offer to establish prayer networks for councillor and ward committee. Approach one or two churches to accept responsibility to pray for above.
  5. Meet Pastors of ward churches individually or collectively to promote Nehemiah vision, adopt a school, college or university to participate in the city prayer networks. Encourage ward pastors to pray together.
  6. Meet Principals of schools in your ward either individually or collectively, support prayer networks for staff, parents and learners. Encourage churches and schools to form “adopt-a-school” partnerships.
  7. Meet Head of Health Clinic or Provincial Hospital. Encourage churches to adopt their clinic/ hospital and support a prayer group for management, medical staff and patients. Approach one or two churches in your ward to recruit volunteers to assist at clinic and form a prayer support group.
  8. Meet with Commander of SAPS station that serves your ward/ wards. Establish / maintain a support network for officers, staff and prisoners
  9. Special arrangements should be made for support prayer networks for Local Municipality and Department of Education
  10. Build a strong team of the ward volunteer, Religious Desk Leader, prayer network and evangelism coordinators.