Brendan LockIt is easy to get depressed when we read the headlines or listen to the news concerning our city.  Violence, crime and poverty shout out that our city’s situation is helpless.

Yet there are so many stories of men and women who are living to serve this great city.

Last week I chatted to a young artist who desires to paint pictures on the walls of various buildings in Walmer Township.  He desires that the township look beautiful.  In addition, he takes young boys off the street and teaches them to paint.

A lady I met works a full day, and then serves in the evening to see former prisoners re-integrated in their communities.

Another family started a place of safety for abandoned children and have facilitated the adoption of many, many children.  Others offer counselling and care to young girls who are pregnant and do not know where to turn.

Everywhere we look, we see people who are serving the people of this city with great love and care.  We truly do live in a city of champions and we want to take a moment to applaud you.

We pray for courage and strength for you continue and to complete the work that God has called you to.

I also want to remind us that, as believers, we now have a new purpose for living in this city.  No longer do we live just to look after ourselves, but we live to display the love and kindness of our God and that frequently comes at a great cost.

And because of our hope in Jesus, we gain access to a new heavenly city whose designer and builder is God – a place where tears and pain will be no more.  This truth causes us to serve the people of Port Elizabeth with great joy.

Brendan Lock – Joy to the Nations