UntitlediThe Church to partner with General Motors South Africa Foundation  (GMSAF) in a Handy Man’s Training Course for schools!

Jack Jones, GMSAF coordinator, is facilitating training courses for school nominees to be trained as handymen for their schools.

The idea is that of training somebody such as a parent, to be equipped to repair broken furniture, windows, door locks and all other breakages in the schools, saving chairs and tables from being discarded, and then leaving the schools to do without them, with the learners being disadvantaged again.

Of the many benefits Jack pointed out, is the fact that an unemployed parent can find useful employment, and in the process afford his child’s school fees. On the other hand, the advantages of a “stich in time saves nine” for the school and the already stretched budget of the Department of Education are` obvious.

The course been has already been presented once, with participants very excited (see pictures). It takes 4 days, food is being provided, and each of the successful participants walks away with a fully equipped toolbox. The next course will be offered before the end of the year.

For further details phone Jack at 0713548615, or Johann McFarlane at 0845200312.


By Jack Jones