Brenton GoldmanWill we get it right, will we feel like we have achieved what we long for, what we been speaking about for years? Most people are asking these questions, but never getting answers. I’ve had challenges, battles and dealt with a bit as a young man, now a married man with four beautiful girls. That alone made me mature, develop and grow as a man.

Being a child of God, a man of God, I have learnt to integrate and build family, and for me there’s no difference between family and ministry. My ministry is my family. So here’s where I grew, the word of God says, For I know the plans that I have for you…(Jer. 29:11) The plan is not the end, it’s the way to get to the end. We often get frustrated, when we journeying towards our destination, and begin to question the end, while we between the beginning and our destination.

That’s simply the plan, if we never understand not getting it right. If we never get frustrated, if we never long or desire… we will never enjoy the fulfilment of life when we achieve the short-term goal, or the long term Destination.

Paul said I could do ALL THINGS through Christ (Phil. 4:13) I doubt whether he was referring to great conferences and amazing stages and massive crowds. I believe that the “all things” to the supernatural power of God releases through every believer to be like Jesus in every situation, so love like him, unconditionally, be gracious, when your toes are being stepped on, and even hate, but make sure you hate sin…

As you grow, make sure you are GOING! Going through life, good and bad, highs and lows, shallow and deep water, but how you go is important. So enjoy the trails, the walls and pitfalls, because it’s simply part of the plan. You Grow, Your Family Grows, the Community Grows, and the Church Grows. Make every effort to reach out, Go. Make every Effort to affirm. While you journey, Help Others be who they are called to be.

Consider it Pure Joy when your love gets tested.

Be blessed,

Pastor Brenton Goldman