OlwethuName: Olwethu Vena

Designation: General Secretary of the MCSA Education Desk & Freelance Writer

Church: The Methodist Church of Southern Africa- Uitenhage Kabah Circuit 216

Focus:  My greatest call on life is for young people to tap into the greatness that God has designed them for on this earth. Plus, I would like all South Africans to have the opportunity of being educated and with that knowledge gained, our nation can be empowered economically and socially.

Involvement:   I am currently involved in the Education Desk for the MCSA, whereby we are trying to engage and empower our community through realising the value of education. The establishment of this desk involves all three legs of the Education: Parents, Learners & Teachers.

Achievements:  Whilst, I was studying at NMMU, I had the opportunity of being an Academic Mentor, and successfully mentored 20 young ladies, which are Graduates and successful Career Women today.  My biggest desire is the establishment of a library within our church. Therefore, I am currently on a campaign of collecting books to ensure that our nation reads, learns and inevitably succeeds.