Healing and Reconciliation

  • Triangular Community Dialogue (What’s your story)
  • Multilingual worship and prayer

Restoration of the family

  • Husband and Father
  • Prison ministries



  • Adopt a school
  • Focus on pre and junior schools
  • Run homework, reading, maths and science clubs
  • Support staff, parents and learners
  • Provide sanitary towels


  • Adopt a clinic or hospital
  • Support management, medical staff and patients
  • Support hunger initiatives

Unemployment and Poverty

  • Work for a living
  • ABCD
  • Farming God’s Way

Economic Transformation

  • Encourage congregants to participate

Anchoring Democracy

  • Corruption and maladministration
  • Unashamedly Ethical
  • Moral Regeneration / Unashamedly Ethical