Ward Maps

Municipal Ward Maps are to assist us in identifying and familiarizing ourselves with our immediate community

Downloadable PDF: (coming soon)

Ward Socio-economic Profiles

Profiles are based on the 2011 Census conducted by Statistics SA compiled by Development Partners. They are an analysis of 12 Key Indicators to assist us in identifying the needs in each of our 60 wards.

Downloadable PDF: Socio-economic profile – all wards summary

Downloadable PDFs: Socio-economic profiles: wards 1 – 60

Schools in Wards

All the schools in NM Bay divided into wards to encourage people to focus on the specific needs of the learners in their ward.

Downloadable PDF: Schools In Wards

Churches in Wards

All the churches in NM Bay divided into wards to enable churches to identify the needs of their own communities and other less privileged communities.

Downloadable PDF: Churches in Wards

NGO’s in Wards

NGO’s are already at work in the different wards – it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Identify an NGO in your ward or another, that suits your gifting and passion and join them.

Downloadable PDF: NGO’s in Wards 13March2014

Municipal Ward Councillors

Clinics in Wards Just1HR database

SAPs in Wards