Calling on all churches in South Africa to help The Exceptional Nurse Campaign by supporting nurses and healthcare workers at this critical time.   Many of them are risking their lives to save others, and they desperately need our help.    Your prayers have meant the world to our healthcare workers and for this we are sincerely grateful!!      We are now calling upon you offer practical help to nurses, moving forward over the next few weeks, as the pressure of the COVID 19 pandemic increases.  

Please click HERE to download the INVITE TO CHURCHES.

We are also asking that you consider making yourself or some trained counsellors in your church available, to be part of a CARE TEAM in your local public hospital.    Members of the care team will be called upon by the Nurse Manager, to help hospital staff with trauma counselling and debriefing after calamities.      Please contact us if you are available.

Would you be so kind as to read the INVITE TO CHURCHES attached, and consider sending this out to your congregation, to invite people to participate.   We look forward to seeing the Body of Christ in South Africa rise up to bring practical encouragement, mixed with ‘salt’ and brightened with ‘light’ to our healthcare workers and hospitals at this critical time.

Yours in His Service