NM Bay Transformation Christian Network:

  1. NM Bay: Gateway City:  We believe that God’s redemptive purpose for our city is to be a Gateway into and out of Africa for God’s authority and power and for the prosperity of its people. We believe that we will see significant progress if God’s purpose of the city is embraced by its citizens and the root causes of the problems within the city are dealt with.
  2. Origins: The Transformation movement began in NM Bay in 1999. George Otis Junior’s video on prayer and the transformation of whole cities motivated people to start working together. Early in 2000 Graham Power initiated the historical Newlands’ Prayer Day which launched the Global Day of Prayer(GDOP) movement. The first transformation conference in NM Bay was conducted by Dave Thompson in 2001. A working committee was established under the chairmanship of Lawrie Wilmot. The first GDOP was held in NM Bay in 2002. In 2003 TCN was established based on initiates such as GDOP & SACLA and the marketplace ministries of Ed Silvoso.
  3. Vision: Linking leaders to work in unity for the Transformation of NM Bay.
  4. Mission: To reform the sectors of NM Bay of church, business, education, government, media & communication, family, sport and arts & entertainment.
  5. Prayer Focus: To move in authority and establish God’s rule we need to understand the spiritual warfare involved in each sector in NM Bay. To move in obedience to God and in the power of God’s spirit, in the opposite spirit of the usurping spirit.
  6. Worklife Focus: To encourage church leaders to equip and care for those called to the workplace where they are to be salt and light.
  7. Target Market: Focus on Leadership.
  8. What makes TCN different? (USP): The ability to network leaders.
  9. Networking Strategy: To enhance the combined spiritual power and intellectual capacity of the leadership, in order to motivate them to accept responsibility to bring about radical change in the NM Bay.
  10. Communication Strategy: To use technology effectively; i.e. Social Media. To adopt both a top down and bottom up strategy. (Top down would focus on leaders in the workplace while bottom up would use members of local churches to fulfill their unique purpose in their areas of influence.)
  11. Desired Outcomes: The defining characteristics of a community that is being transformed is the socio-economic traits that are positively being affected.  The crime rate goes down, per capita income goes up, systematic poverty is significantly alleviated, more learners are graduating, the city leaders conduct themselves in an ethical manner, and the community presents a united front.
  12. Individual Sector Focus:12.1. Prayer: To equip and link Christians in prayer to transform NM Bay.12.2. Church: To transform NM Bay by facilitating church unity.12.3. Business: To encourage business people to embrace kingdom values, and provide prosperity to NM Bay. 4. Education: To encourage church leaders to facilitate community involvement to promote effective teaching and learning.12.5. Government: To encourage all government sectors to embrace kingdom values to promote prosperity to NM Bay.
  13. Accountability: TCN is an informal network of volunteers who account for and provide an administrative backup to the NMBay Church Leadership Network.